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    德國萊寶Leybold干式螺桿真空泵DRYVAC DV 200維修保養、萊寶螺桿真空泵維修保養DV200

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    德國萊寶Leybold干式螺桿真空泵DRYVAC DV 200維修保養、萊寶螺桿真空泵維修保養DV200

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    • 發布日期:2020/02/22
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    DRYVAC DV 200、德國萊寶leybold螺桿真空泵維修保養DV200

    抽速:210 m3/h
    極限壓強:5 x 10-2 mbar
    進氣口:DN 63 ISO-K

    DRYVAC DV 200

    Dry compressing screw vacuum pump


    Smart engineering for today and tomorrow: our network-capable DRYVAC series delivers cutting-edge performance and efficiency, even when the going gets tough.

    This series of dry compressing screw-type vacuum pumps is engineered for the new era of smart manufacturing. Packed with intelligent features and functions, all DRYVAC models offer seamless connectivity, networked control and superior efficiency.

    DRYVAC pumps boost your productivity, minimize your carbon footprint, and lower your costs. Plus, thanks to an integrated smart service concept, they virtually look after themselves.

    Connected, efficient, reliable – smarter with Leybold.


    Built-in intelligence for industrial applications

    Seamless connectivity & networkingSeamless connectivity & networking
    Fieldbus and PLC compatibility allow for connectivity to other devices in a network for real-time communications and control. Direct control is also possible via a computer or handheld device. Support for various fieldbus protocols ensures maximal flexibility. Protocol support for Profibus, Ethernet/IP, ProfiNet and EtherCAT as option.

    Intelligent energy consumptionIntelligent energy consumption
    Exceptionally low constant power consumption delivers world-class energy efficiency. The advanced self-regulating feature, only consumes the power the pump actually needs, saving costs and reducing your carbon footprint. DRYVAC pumps are more cost-efficient and greener than similar models operating in the low-pressure range (<10 mbar).

    Smart service conceptSmart service concept
    Continuous performance monitoring made possible via an integrated frequency converter and three independent sensors. Should abnormal conditions such as overheating be detected, DRYVAC pumps can communicate them quickly and efficiently via fieldbus. Preset parameters enable plug-and-play operation, without additional installation.

    DRYVAC pumps also feature minimal maintenance and easy cleaning of water cooling channels thanks to a non-jacketed design.



    • Hermetically sealed screw vacuum pump with integrated frequency converter

    • Simple mechanical and electrical integration

    • Integrated protection functions of temperature, exhaust pressure and power consumption monitoring

    • Small footprint due to compact design

    • Low energy consumption achieved through optimized rotor geometry and innovative motor design with efficiency class IE3

    • Tolerant to dust ingress

    • Excellent condensable gas (water vapor) performance

    • High pumping speed also at high intake pressures


    Technical data

    Max. pumping speed210 m3/h
    124 cfm
    Ultimate pressure (w/o gas ballast)< 0.05 mbar
    < 0.04 Torr
    Permissible ambient temperature5 to 50 °C
    Noise level with silencer
    at ultimate pressure
    65 dB(A)
    Relative ambient atmospheric humidity90%, non-condensing
    Max. installation heightUp to 2000 m above sea level
    Cooling water temperature range5 to 35 °C
    Cooling water nominal flow8 l/min
    Mains voltage 50/60 Hz200-240 V ±10% or
    380-460 V ±10%
    Rated power 50/60 Hz7.5 kW
    Power consumption at ultimate pressure4.1 kW
    Bearing lubricantLVO 210 synthetic oil
    Protection classIP54
    Intake connectionDN 63 ISO-K
    Discharge flangeDN 40 ISO-KF
    Weight, approx.370 kg
    Dimensions (W x H x D)1110 mm x 613 mm x 478 mm



    • Pressure switch on exhaust side (1.2 bar abs.)

    • Temperature pump housing

    • Temperature motor

    • Current limits through frequency converter



    • Integrated frequency converter

    • Electro pneumatic gas ballast valve 24 VDC

    • Purge gas valve 24 VDC

     萊寶真空泵維修,德國萊寶Leybold干式螺桿真空泵DRYVAC DV 200維修保養、萊寶螺桿真空泵維修保養DV200價格,德國萊寶Leybold干式螺桿真空泵DRYVAC DV 200維修保養、萊寶螺桿真空泵維修保養DV200批發



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